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Arthur’s book-signing party was a great success. Lots of his books were sold, and many more at the Forum.

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Saturday, January 10:  Reese Erlich
A Reporter's First Hand Report:
Assad, ISIS, Obama and Iraq War III

Foreign Correspondent and investigative reporter Reese Erlich discusses his new book Inside Syria: the Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect, published by Prometheus Books and distributed by Random House, Foreword by Noam Chomsky. Erlich (Oakland, CA) is an award-winning journalist and the author of four books on foreign policy. A full-time freelance journalist and special correspondent, he recently reported for both CBS Radio and GlobalPost from the Kurdish Region of Iraq, interviewing Yazidis and Kurdish peshmerga and analyzing the US bombing campaign. He will discuss the growing influence of extremist rebel groups and why the US bombing campaign will hurt both Americans and people of the region. Erlich has covered the Middle East for almost 30 years, reported from Syria five times and visited all its neighboring countries.

“Erlich…clearly and succinctly explains Syria’s current political and military stalemate in this important, informative, and well researched book.... Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the current turmoil in the Middle East.”
—Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

“Reese Erlich takes you Inside Syria with the kind of clarity that only a superb journalist can provide. This book is a tour de force, demolishing clichés and replacing them with realities of what the hell is going on in Syria—and why. The result is a gripping narrative that combines unvarnished history with immediate truth about Syria’s present-day.”
—Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy

“A deeply readable and informative book that is particularly wise about the economic undercurrents beneath what more-superficial writers see merely as political or religious tensions. A fine introduction to one of today’s most terrible tragedies.”
—Adam Hochschild, author of To End All Wars and King Leopold’s Ghost

Reese Erlich's history in journalism goes back over 40 years. He first worked as a staff writer and research editor for Ramparts, an investigative reporting magazine published in San Francisco from 1963 to 1975. Today he works as a full-time print and broadcast, freelance reporter. He reports regularly for National Public Radio, CBC, ABC (Australia), and Radio Deutsche Welle. He is special correspondent for GlobalPost. His television documentaries have aired on PBS stations nationwide.

Erlich’s book, Target Iraq: What the News Media Didn’t Tell You co-authored with Norman Solomon, became a best seller in 2003. The Iran Agenda: The Real Story of US Policy and the Middle East Crisis was published in 2007. Dateline Havana: The Real Story of US Policy and the Future of Cuba was published in 2009. Conversations with Terrorists: Middle East Leaders on Politics, Violence and Empire was published in September 2010.

Erlich shared a Peabody Award in 2006 as a segment producer for “Crossing East,” a radio documentary on the history of Asians in the US. In 2012 Erlich’s radio special on Syria won the Explanatory Journalism award from the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California. In 2002 his radio documentary, “The Russia Project,” hosted by Walter Cronkite, won the depth reporting prize for broadcast journalism awarded by the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors declared Sept. 14, 2010, to be “Reese Erlich Day” in honor of his investigative journalistic work. The resolution read, in part, “Investigative reporters are under attack in the U.S. and around the world. Mr. Erlich exhibits the finest qualities of such reporters willing to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

“Reese Erlich’s reporting and investigative journalism around the world has been highly enlightening, and speaking personally, has been of great value to me in my own work on global issues and current affairs.” — Noam Chomsky

“A great radio producer and a great friend.” — the late Walter Cronkite

Books will be available for sale. Cash or check only; no credit cards.
For more information visit www.ReeseErlich.com/

Arthur has completed his most recent book,

Tales that capture his experiences while living and teaching in England from 1978 to ’98.
The book is available on Amazon.com, and copies will be available at this Forum at a discount rate.

“Transatlantic Crossings: A Voyage of Discovery” is a collection of articles, essays, and documents written over a span of twenty years when Arthur Lipow was resident in Britain and was teaching at Birkbeck College, The University of London, and the Institute of U.S. Studies. He taught courses in American politics and foreign policy to advanced post-graduates students, including some Members of Parliament as well as Civil Servants. He was an active participant too in the independent, democratic peace movement, “European Nuclear Disarmament” (END) whose slogan was “Neither Washington Nor Moscow.” One of the articles here tells of his arrest in still-Communist Czechoslovakia for the “crime” of meeting with Czech peace activists who opposed the stationing of Russian missiles in Czechoslovakia. The Foreword is written by Jan Kavan, a founder of Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia, co-founded with the dissident, Vaclav Havel, who when released from a Communist prison, became the first democratically elected President of the new Czech Republic. Kavan became the foreign minister of the Czech Republic and later was elected the President of the UN General Assembly. The text of the Foreword was delivered to the inaugural meeting of “The Center for Peace and Democracy,” co-founded by Gretchen and Arthur Lipow in the U.S. in 2007. The Mission statement of the Center is reprinted in this volume along with other documents illustrating Arhur Lipow’s long journey as a peace and democracy activist and writer. Included are the texts of Charter 77, Charter 88, of which he was co-founder — a call for a democratic written Constitution and written Bill of Rights, inspired by the first ten amendments to the American Constitution; and Charter 08, signed by over 100 Chinese democracy activists — all of which Lipow hopes will inspire a “Democracy 2016” movement in the U.S. where the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been ravaged by a Stasi-type surveillance state — all of which he hopes will lead to a global charter for democracy soon thereafter — one that defends the freedom of the press, bans torture, and acts as a barrier, legal as well as moral, to the spreading “inverted totalitarian” surveillance state (as the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin, terms it.) No less important, as reflected in the document for “Labour and Society International” is the call for trade union based social and economic justice to provide a global counterweight to the emerging global corporate economic order of “free trade,” as embodied in the North American Free Trade Agreement” (NAFTA) and the pending “TransPacificTradeAgreement” and the parallel “TransAtlanticTradeAgeement” both of which give global power to the global corporations and are supported by the two parties of American imperialism which spread their global power on a network of over 1000 overseas military bases and whose unlimited financial resources have been fraudulently blessed by the American Supreme Court in the name of the First Amendment doctrine of “corporate personhood.”

And introducing Arthur’s new publishing house: THIRD CAMP PRESS

Best wishes to all of our many friends in Alameda and the Bay Area. Many thanks for your generous support over the last ten years. Stay in touch — gretchenlipow@comcast.net and artlipow@aol.com.Call us at 510 -846-5465 (Gretchen) or 510-846-5464, (Arthur)

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